What clients are saying...  

"Amazing session - I've had a frozen shoulder for over a year.  Felt great and achieved more movement after one session than physical therapy - Looking forward to my second session.  Thank you -  I would not have believed it if someone told me - experienced movement right after -

Thank you, Mary Ellen ~ "

Brenda M.

"I got a sense of no worries, connected to my inner source, to let go of any negative vibrations, to connect with Love.  Mary Ellen works with love & wisdom."

Michael D.

"Mary Ellen, owner and practitioner of Soul Energy has a relaxing and accommodating atmosphere in her studio and private space for one-on-one work that invites you to receive... I was so fortunate to be a participant in a group Chakra clearing event... My body had such a positive response to this therapy I scheduled a private session a week later. Once again, Mary Ellen's own soul energy that she brings to your sessions makes all the difference. If you're skeptical of 'energy work' for your well-being, attending a group session with a friend is a good way to introduce yourself to this mind, body, and soul therapy... and you'll want to go back! "

Anita D.

"Mary Ellen is generous, kind, supportive, a good listener, intuitive, wise.. the list can go on. She provided a space for me to feel safe and cared for. She made sure to put in the extra effort and energy to make sure I could receive as much as I could take in. She actually went above and beyond, because she cares! She literally gave me just what I needed. Afterward, I felt whole again. I was able to share with her how I felt, and it felt magical! She is a wonderful woman with amazing gifts, and I can’t wait to receive services from her again." - Stacey H.

"Mary Ellen has such a healing energy. She puts much time and care into her work with her clients. I would definitely recommend a healing and Vibrational Sound Therapy session with her!"

Elena P. 

"I feel wonderful.  It is apparent by the way that Mary Ellen handles the bowls that she has much respect and reverence for them.  My balance and walking improve after every VST session."

Jack B.

"Before the session I felt I had a lot of stuck energy.  The vibrations of the bowls started moving everything and freeing the energy so it could move through my body.  I felt very safe and well-cared for throughout the session.  Thank you, Mary Ellen!" - Linda S.

"The treatment was wonderful." - June P.

"Oh my God... that was better than a massage!" - Kathy B.

"It's like fine-tuning a piano."  Traute C.